Vessel Chartering

The Chartering Department at PRP pulls together a wide range of industry experience in order to give our clients the best possible service. Our team combines years of experience from ship broking and vessel management. An in depth understanding of ship operations and market dynamics puts PRP at the forefront of the industry. The varied background of our chartering team combined with an extensive and modern fleet of vessels means our clients are assured first class service, specific to their needs.

PRP Operate a fleet of specialized offshore vessel such as Accommodation Work Boat/barge ( 50 – 300 berths) Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel DP2 (AHTS), Platform Supply Vessel DP2 ( PSV), Survey Vessel, Crew Boat, Landing Craft (LCT) and other offshore support work boats based in Miri, Sarawak & Labuan Federal Territory and available for regional charter.

Vessel Segment Expertise
PRP has extensive experience from most vessel types including:
  • Accommodation Work Boat
  • DP Diving Support Vessel
  • Anchor handling tug supply vessels
  • Platform supply vessels
  • Research vessels
  • Offshore support vessels
  • Pipe lay / Cable-laying vessels
  • Crew Boat
  • Landing Craft (LCT)
  • Safety Standby Vessel